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DSEI London 2023

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DSEI London 2023

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Cutting-edge innovations from SYS Group of Companies to be Showcased at DSEI London 2023 for the First Time.

DSEI London 2023 attendees will be given an unprecedented opportunity to explore a diverse array of world-class products and engage with representatives from the newly expanded SYS group of companies including CANiK, UNIROBOTICS and the recently acquired UK-based AEI Systems are set to showcase an extensive lineup of products and integrated solutions on stand H3-444 in the north hall.

Among the standout exhibits AEI Systems will proudly unveil the production standard VENOM LR 30mm electrically primed, single-barrel cannon. Capable of firing a 30mm x 113mm round to a range of in excess of 2000 meters with the option of single-shot, 220 or full auto 1,300 rounds per minute, the VENOM LR offers an innovative and cost-effective and ITAR-free solution for the light 30mm RWS market.

A highlight of the SYS multi-platform solutions exhibit will be the UNIROBOTICS TRAKON Remote Weapon Station (RWS) in both 12.7 and 30mm configurations. The TRAKON 30 with VENOM LR was recently presented to the British Army’s 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment on board a HIPPO automatous vehicle during Operation ‘Wessex Storm’ which was a British Army exercise centred around the future capability of unmanned ground vehicles. In synergy with the HIPPO unmanned vehicle, these integrated systems present infantry with unparalleled direct fire support in line with the URBAN PHALANX concept which was conceived by the UK MoD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (dstl). This concept focuses on the creation of an optimised mechanised infantry force tailored for urban warfare scenarios.

An opportunity to view, the ‘Wessex Storm’ integrated system including VENOM LR on the UNIROBOTICS TRACKON RWS is on the HIPPO stand, H4-431 (north hall).

Other items on display will be a brand new crew served 20mm naval gun designated AE20-NM-2 along with the widely sold 7.62 and 12.7mm naval mount solutions.

For more information, please visit the stand or use the contact page of the website ?

About SYS Group of Companies:

The SYS group of companies, encompassing CANIK, UNIROBOTICS, and AEI Systems is at the forefront of pioneering defence solutions. By combining cutting-edge technology with an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, the group stands as a trailblaser in redefining the future of defence and security.

Author: Graeme Clarke