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VENOM LR 30mm Gun

VENOM LR (Low Recoil)

VENOM LR is a ‘ground up’ complete redesign of the ADEN 30 mm Gun; a gas-operated, electrically primed, self-loading revolver weapon.

VENOM LR 30mm Gun is designed for Remote Weapon Station (RWS) integration such as TRAKON 30 where reduced firing forces permit installation to Light Reconnaissance Vehicles (LRVs) and fast patrol vessels.

The gun is shrouded by a buffer cradle that interfaces directly to the RWS gimbal elevation driveshaft and yoke arm. The gun recoils in the buffer cradle via two recoil
buffers, attached to the gun and buffer cradle with quick release pins for quick gun removal/installation.

The lengthened barrel, with optimised progressive parabolic rifling, improves accuracy and the muzzle brake assists with the reduction of recoil force.

With a 2,000 m effective range, single shot, 225 & 1,200 spm firing modes, motorised remote cocking with gun safing/arming, remote gun loaded,
rounds fired and rate of fire indicators, VENOM LR is a highly price competitive, non-ITAR alternative to the M230LF Chain Gun.

The vast majority of VENOM LR 30mm Gun parts are marinised with all lock-wiring removed. Maintenance is simplified utilising a standard metric tool kit with a corresponding reduction in maintenance cycle times.

VENOM LR is production-ready, designed and manufactured in the UK by AEI Systems to aircraft standard quality and precision.

VENOM LR 30mm gun
Data specifications
Gun TypeRevolver gun
Calibre:30 mm x 113 mm
ADEN, DEFA & M230 ammunition compatible)
Muzzle velocity:765 - 805 m/s
Rate of fire:Single shot
220 – 230 shots per minute (spm)
1,100 – 1,300 spm
Range2,000 m effective (RWS FCS dependent)
3,000 m max
Recoil Force:9 kN max
7 kN mean
Weapon firing 24 – 28 V DC
1 A max
Remote cockingElectromechanical
24 – 28 V DC, 1.5 – 10 A (15 A spike, < 5 s)
Full cocking cycle; 50 s max
Partial cocking/safeing cycle; 40 s
Arm gun (after partial cocking); 10 s
Manual cocking Electromechanical & mechanical
Gun safeingPartial remote cocking
Gun (less barrel) 92 kg
Barrel assembly16 kg
Buffer cradle14 kg
Total120 kg
Overall length2.044 m
Height275 mm
Width315 mm
Height310 mm
30 x 113 mm (electric primer)
TPTarget practice
TPTTarget practice tracer
HEIHigh explosive incendiary
HEITHigh explosive incendiary tracer
HEDPHigh explosive dual purpose
APArmour piercing
APTArmour piercing tracer
VENOM Data sheet

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